Camping at Montreat Campground

I was off from work last week, and after finishing my errands I met up with a long time friend and we camped at Montreat Campground for the weekend. This annual event has been somewhat of a tradition now for several years. We did get rained on quite a bit, but all in all the weather wasn’t as bad as we originally thought!

Sleeping On The Banks of Flat Creek
One of the perks of this campground is the beautiful stream that runs through it. If you hike up Greybeard Mountain, you’ll cross and then follow the creek for a good ways before reaching the summit. I assume the headwaters are on the mountain somewhere, but not sure exactly where it starts. It then winds it’s way down through the campground and empties into Lake Susan at Montreat College.

This is one of the prettiest streams I’ve ever seen. It is an almost endless series of cascades and small waterfalls.

Climbing Lookout Mountain
We did manage to fit in a short hike up to Lookout Mountain. There is a great view from the top, and you can see Montreat College and Conference Center below in the valley. Apparently there are two summits; Big Lookout and Little Lookout. I’ve only been as far as Little Lookout, but still a great view.

While we were up top a thunderstorm was looming in the distance, and we had to race down the mountain before the bottom fell out. I stopped just long enough to grab a couple of shots, and that was it! You could see a few signs of color peaking through in the leaves, but still a little early at this elevation of around 3,600 ft. ~MB

Photographic Notes:
Nikon D90 with 18-200 mm VR 3.5-5.6 lens. All images © Matt Bennett Photography.

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