Cliffside Overlook

Cliffside Overlook at Grandfather Mountain

Back from another trip to Grandfather Mountain for the annual Camera Clinic. As is custom, most of the participants usually head up to the swinging bridge on Saturday evening to capture the sunset.

This year, when we first got up to the bridge it was socked in with clouds. So me and my buddy James decided to drive back down to the Cliffside Overlook to see if conditions were better there. I’m glad we did!

The landscape was constantly changing before us. One minute you would have some breaks in the clouds with splashes of color. The next minute you would be presented with something completely different. I have to say on this trip that I saw some of the most amazing clouds I’ve ever seen in the mountains.

The daytime highs at the Mile High Bridge over the weekend were around 67º. Down off the mountain the temperatures were typically in the mid to upper 70’s. Nice break from the heat!  MB

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