Fall in the Caraways


Caraway Mountain Rd looking south

Part of my commute back and forth to work takes me through the Caraway Mountains. The fall color this year has been spectacular, and has seemed to last for several weeks. Here are some photos I’ve taken this fall. Many of these are from right here in Randolph County, but I’ve also included a few shots from a camping trip in Montreat the second w/e in October. Unfortunately I missed the peak colors in the “big” mountains this year, but I’ve tried to makeĀ up for it by capturing theĀ color here in our “little” mountains. I’ll post some more photos of fall color here in a few days, so keep checking back.

Camera specs: Nikon D90 with 18-200 mm VR lens



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9 thoughts on “Fall in the Caraways

  1. Thanks for your kind words Christopher. Let me know if you have any other feedback or suggestions for my site.

  2. Sue, thanks for the kudos. I’m glad we have the 4 seasons in NC, but I think they are different from what I remember growing up here. We seem to go from winter (if you can call it that anymore) to summer with a little spring/fall mixed in.
    John showed me your image of the eagle. They say the highest compliment one photographer can pay another is to say “I wished I had made that shot”! That one qualifies. Congratulations! We have a lot of red-tail/coopers hawks around here, and I’ve managed a couple of photographs along the way. Unfortunately it’s all about timing and the right equipment to snag “the shot”. Thanks again for the comment, and keep in touch. Have a great Christmas, MB

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