Full Moon Over Mt. Gilead

This is Mt. Gilead United Methodist Church on Hoover Hill Rd. in Hillsville, the church that me and my three sisters grew up in. I unfortunately was unable to get a photograph of the old frame church before it was torn down, which stood in the foreground in front of the cemetery. The cross supposedly was placed in the exact spot where the pulpit was. Several generations of my family on the Sumner side dating back to the 1800s attended here. ~MB

Photographic Notes: Nikon D200 with 18-200 mm VR f/3.5-5.6 lens. All images © Matt Bennett Photography.
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2 thoughts on “Full Moon Over Mt. Gilead

  1. As someone who grew up on Mt Gilead Church Rd and still has family living there, I can honestly say that you have captured the true beauty of the church. I remember being so sad the day that they tore the old church down..it had such character..but I was very happy to see the cross go up in its place. I pass this every day, twice a day and tend to take for granted how pretty it actually is..thanks for the reminder..Awesome photo!

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