Hiking Trip in the Birkheads

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Last Sunday I met up with some friends and did a 7 mile loop in the Birkhead Mountain Wilderness Area. We started out on the Hannah’s Creek trail, with the first destination being the old Bingham cemetery. In his book An Afternoon Hike Into The Past, Joe Moffit stated that “this family cemetery was started around 1770 and last used about 1900”. If you want a copy of Joe Moffit’s Book, they sell them at Eldorado Outpost on Hwy 109. I’m sure you could also check one out at the Randolph County Library too. He gives a pretty detailed account of the area and the people that once called it home.

From there we hiked north on the Birkhead trail passing by several old home sites. We continued on to Robbin’s Branch trail, which we then took back to Hannah’s Creek. If you’re hiking on Robbin’s Branch you’ll notice there are 3 stone walls. I’ve heard several different theories on these, but no one for sure knows exactly what they are. After investigating a little I did find resemblance of a small faint steam bed that runs down the center, so still not ruling out that they might be rock dams. However, why 3 in a row? On down the trail a ways we passed an upland bog. In the photos you’ll notice that the algae is getting ready to bloom hence the colors in the water. What was really fascinating was to find “Resurrection Fern” growing on this huge oak tree in the middle of the pond. It seemed like every branch was covered.

One noticeable difference on this hike was the addition of some nice new trail signs. They may have been installed by the boy scouts, but not sure. On the other hand, it was discouraging to see a lot of trash along the trail. If you can carry it in, you can carry it out! Be a responsible human being and bring a small plastic bag to haul your trash out in. ~MB

Photographic Notes: 
Photos in and around the upland bog were taken with my Nikon D90 with 18-200 mm VR f/3.5-5.6 lens. Photos of trail signs and grave markers were taken with my iPhone 4. All images © Matt Bennett Photography. 
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